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Our rooms are for friendly, social chat. Enjoy!

Required for chat rooms and recommended for PM.

  • Keep chat legal and well mannered with no explicitly sexual content.
  • Respect the requests of the moderators.
  • English only - save your native language for PM.
  • Users must be 16+ No nicknames or chat implying otherwise.
  • No underage, predatory or offensive terms.
  • No links to or posting photos or videos of nudes of any age.
  • No posting or links to information about anyone under 18.
  • No Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Skype IDs etc.
  • No links to other chat sites and no promoting commercial websites.
  • No Spamming or Photo Trading etc.
  • No Flooding, Trolling, Spats or Provocative Terms or Language.
  • No repeating; keep personal promotions at least 5 minutes apart.

The Mods may allow a little flexibility where appropriate (e.g. if you posted a genuine helpline number) but also reserve the right to add any other requirement at any time to keep the room working well. If it's something you can't accept, please find somewhere else to chat.