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PR Logo Pink Rabbit offers a new on-line hangout for the LGBT+ community.

We are different. If you happen to like big band music, you wouldn't want to spend all your time with those who only talk about pop. In the same way, LGBT+ people sometimes need an environment where folk have similar perspectives and instinctively understand one another - and that is about so much more than sex. Many people who identify as "straight" doubt that they would feel comfortable in a gay bar, partly because of the assumption (sometimes true) that all the focus there would be on seeking partners. Strangely, then, many find it hard to understand that the reverse may be true and LGBT+ people might not always be wholly comfortable in an obvously "straight" setting.

However, for many within and outside that community, the term "LGBT+" is often take to imply a requirement for social campaigning and "gay" carries overtones of promiscuity. The prime purpose of many on-line services seems to be to offer the prospect of hasty hook-ups either in real life or through on-line video and messaging.

PR Logo Pink Rabbit  brings you a website and chatrooms aimed at ordinary people who happen not to identify their sexuality simply as "straight" but also are not obsessed with seeking sexual partners. This is where we share views and information and build friendships which are not necessarily bound to sensual goals.

Many people find social interaction much easier on-line than in face-to-face encounters. They will feel safe and secure in our environment, especially if they prefer to be discreet about their sexuality.

We have plans to develop more content and services appropriate to our community's profile. If you have an idea for working with us to reach out to our demographic then please do get in touch.

If we are offering something you find interesting and attractive, then we look forward very much to seeing you in our Chat Rooms and to you sharing your constructive posts and comments in our Facebook Group

Boys Posing on Parade

Boys on Parade

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